FAQ-Listing Your Home For Sale


Frequently Asked Questions


By listing your property with the Sophia Marr and Associates, we have partnered with you in the common goal of selling your home. Our objective is to smoothly take you through the marketing and closing of your lake property.

For the homeowner selling your home is many things wrapped in one, it’s a financial endeavor, legal transaction, at times an emotional undertaking (weather joyous or wearisome), and sometimes a daunting logistical task.

All of this is why you need a team of experienced Real Estate professionals to guide you through the process!

During the course of your listing, here are

 some things that could happen….


1.  Not a thing.  It could be sold without any problems.  This is the best outcome and this happens frequently.


2.  The market could change.  During the past few years, the market has changed and remains somewhat unstable today.  If we do not get the market response to your property in the first 30 days, we will need to address this market condition.


3.  What to do if you get a low offer.  There are some market conditions that lead buyers to attempt to get the best value they can.  If you get what we call “low ball” offers be excited when they come in!  That means that someone likes your home enough to put in and offer and hopes to purchase your Lake of the Ozarks property.  Now it is my job to put my negotiation skills to work to see if we can get that initial low offer to an amount that is acceptable to you. In the end many times a low starting point can turn into a great sales price!


4.  After your property is listed, something might be discovered that could adversely affect it.  During the past few years, we have experienced issues with flood plains and Lake Project boundaries that have impacted listed properties.  Whenever this occurs, we work diligently with you to resolve these issues as quickly as possible. Other time items may arise in inspections that you were unaware of. There is nothing that cannot be addressed and I have the experience to work through anything that might arise.



5.  A potential buyer may want to see your property without much notice.  Even though we expect cooperating agents to make appointments through our office that give you an appropriate notice, there may come a time when we call and tell you that a prospective buyer wants to see your property right now.  When that happens, no matter how inconvenient it may be, we will want you to cooperate.  We never want to miss a showing.  If they see your home and it is not quite up to your showing standards they still may buy it.  If we deny the showing we may have lost an opportunity for a buyer.


7.  You could get no showings at all.  Unfortunately, this could happen.  We know on average it takes on average showings to generate an offer.  If we are getting no showings in the first 30 days of the listing, something is wrong and we will need to meet to discuss different pricing and strategies.


8.  Feedback from showing agents may frustrate you.  Sometimes feedback is somewhat candid.  It is important not to get frustrated or angry at any feedback and we will help you interpret what they say and what they mean. We will use all feedback as knowledge to help us sell your property.


9.  Not every showing agent will provide feedback.  Even though we have an automated feedback system that asks for feedback immediately after showing, and repeats the request several times, some agents simply will not fill out the form.  When this happens, I might call the agent to get verbal feedback.


10.  Your property may not go under contract during the listing period.  We know the average days on the market for different property types.  If your property is listed at the right price and I provide good exposure to the market we would hope that we would generate offers to purchase.  Sometimes, even with properties that appear to be priced right and have good exposure to the market, just do not sell.  In that case if I have done the things that I told you I would do to market your property, I would anticipate that we would extend the listing.  This is an excellent time to meet and discuss marketing and pricing to stimulate new activity.


11.  I may never show your property.  My primary responsibility is to market your property and expose it to as many potential buyers as possible.  In my listing presentation, I covered how I would market your property including communication with other Realtors, internet exposure and a variety of other marketing strategies.  In the event that I have a buyer client that is interested in a property like yours it will be at the top of my list.